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What is Accelerated Delivery?

Accelerated delivery is achieved through introducing, practicing, adapting and scaling Lean and Agile practices and principles throughout your organisation.  we identify and optimise value streams through the introduction of Leadership, Transparency, Collaboration and Flow.

People and teams are structured around the flow of work and participation/contribution and collaboration at the right time.  Feedback loops and innovation reduces waste and optimises the flow.

When is this service typically required?
  • When you have a deadline to deliver a particular product or programme 

  • If you are undertaking a Lean Agile transformation.

  • If you want to improve your current development capability 

  • If you are engaging a new market


Agility coaches and consultants apply a pragmatic approach initiating or supporting organisations in their en devours 


Co-sourcing with Agility can free up your valuable resource to be allocated elsewhere. A team of Agility consultants can be embedded on a change program .

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