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Co-sourcing with Agility allows you to free up valuable resource to be allocated elsewhere.

Agility can set the strategy and outcomes and assign coaches and and consultants to undertake specific roles set up and lead the requirements discovery and definition workshops, facilitating and documenting the operational and system requirements for your project or program.


Agility can lead or participate in any requirements management endeavour. We can provide mentoring, consultation, planning, coaching, analysis, review and validation or measurement.


Or, if you prefer, we can also take full responsibility of the requirements for your project ensuring a replicated process is applied and handover of comprehensive knowledge transfer on completion.

Let Agility Take the Lead
When is this service typically required?
  • When no internal capability is available

  • When no internal capacity or resource is available

  • When an independent specialist and experienced facilitator is required


Agility coaches and consultants apply a pragmatic, sustainable outcome-based approach to transform and help organisations become independent and self-sufficient in their ability to continuously discover and deliver value.

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