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Agility The Requirements Management Specialists

Agility specialise in Requirements Management for software development. We provide consulting, coaching, training and project delivery services for customers looking to develop or procure software through large strategic programmes using geographically dispersed suppliers, or with smaller co located teams.

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Complete Don't Cancel

Research shows a staggering number of projects are cancelled before they are completed. Overruns and failures are largely due to overlooked or impaired requirements management and delivery processes. Discovering and sharing estimates of scope, effort and value enables realistic and attainable goals and commitments to be set and achieved.

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Reduce Complexity

Large enterprises often struggle to plan and predict delivery with sufficient confidence. Scalable requirements management provides a shared understanding and increases predictability and flexibility in changing plans.

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Respond to Change

Change is inevitable in business. Organisations need the ability to implement change often and quickly to remain competitive and compliant. Changing goals, technologies, markets and policies are common factors that can affect the services you provide.

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Be on Budget

Research indicates that more than half of projects spend nearly double their original estimates. We can help you predict the costs of delivery through increased transparency and collaboration with faster feedback ensuring quicker results.

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Agility provide Lean & Agile delivery services to public and private sector organisations including consulting, coaching, training and delivery. We help our clients achieve efficiency through the introduction of Lean and Agile software development practices.

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