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Accelerated Delivery

What is Accelerated Delivery?

Accelerated delivery is achieved through creating and coaching cross functional teams capable of developing fast iterations of products using regular feedback of real users. Teams are structured to enable the participation of key people at the right time, increasing collaboration, reducing waste and speeding up delivery.

Our accelerated delivery coaches introduce Lean and Agile practices to teams to increase transparency, flow and predictability to support the regular delivery of small but valuable bits of functionality. AD teams focus on the team and its continuous improvement. The aim is to empower team members to be more creative, productive and happy.


When is this Service Typically Required?

  • When you need a specialist team with specialist knowledge to work independently
  • To reinforce cross functionality with the skills to deliver working software
  • If you require adept skills and knowledge to underpin the team accountable for delivery
  • When you need a small Agile team skilled enough to deliver valuable software regularly

Also Consider

  • Interim Consultancy Roles

Consulting & Coaching

Agility coaches and consultants apply a pragmatic, sustainable outcome-based approach to transform and help organisations become independent and self-sufficient in their ability to continuously discover and deliver value.

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Co Sourcing

Co-sourcing with Agility can free up your valuable resource to be allocated elsewhere. A team of Agility consultants can set up and lead on projects while facilitating and documenting the operational and system requirements along the way.

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Why Agility?

  • Reduce risk of project failure
  • Eliminate ambiguity
  • Achieve continuous & rapid value delivery
  • Implement Lean and Agile processes
  • Connect with your customers
  • Reduce time to market
  • Get feedback – FAST!
  • Increase Transparency
  • Increase Predictability
  • Accelerate the delivery of your projects
  • Create high performing self-managing teams