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RFP/ITT Preperation Services

Clearly identifying your requirements

Projects without requirements often overrun or fail completely, resulting in significant losses. It will be taken for granted that a software supplier’s solution will add value and the entire requirements process is skipped or overlooked.

In order for an organisation to get what they need from a software system, the expected capabilities have to be understood and clearly expressed. Requirements are the foundation of any procurement or development and they should be understood to allow for realistic estimates and quotations.

Agility consultants can quickly discover and document your functional and non-functional requirements at the correct level identifying any dependencies, data and integration requirements. We will facilitate workshops to prioritise and validate your requirements and define supplier evaluation and selection criteria.

When is this Service Typically Required?

  • If an independent unbiased third party facilitator is required to represent your organisation
  • To mitigate the risk of overspend, overrun or the wrong product being delivered
  • To help with the supplier evaluation and selection process

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