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Consulting & Coaching

Lean & Agile Practices

Our consultants are experts that can help you discover, define and deliver true value through Lean and Agile requirements management. Agility coaches are highly skilled with invaluable experience working with a diverse range of clients and cultures. This experience helps organisations become independent and self-sufficient, continuously improving their ability to deliver software that adds value and profit.

Agility provides coaching at all levels, with trained and accredited practitioners with proven track records as advisors, trainers, coaches and team members leading change through example and best practice.

Agile Coach/Trainer

  • Coaches, trains and certifies teams and individuals in agile practices, typically working with multiple teams at any one time
  • Has proven agile transformation and coaching experience

Agile Player/Coach - Team Member

  • Embedded within a single Agile team, fulfilling one or more roles (Scrum Master, Business Analyst, UX, Dev, Test, Architect)
  • Provides coaching by example
  • Has proven agile team or role-based experience

Consulting & Coaching

Agility coaches and consultants apply a pragmatic, sustainable outcome-based approach to transform and help organisations become independent and self-sufficient in their ability to continuously discover and deliver value.

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Co Sourcing

Co-sourcing with Agility can free up your valuable resource to be allocated elsewhere. A team of Agility consultants can set up and lead on projects while facilitating and documenting the operational and system requirements along the way.

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Why Agility?

  • Reduce risk of project failure
  • Eliminate ambiguity
  • Achieve continuous & rapid value delivery
  • Implement Lean and Agile processes
  • Connect with your customers
  • Reduce time to market
  • Get feedback – FAST!
  • Increase Transparency
  • Increase Predictability
  • Accelerate the delivery of your projects
  • Create high performing self-managing teams